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MICR Toner


HP P1005/P1006 MICR Toner

HP P1505/P1505N MICR Toner

HP LaserJet P2015 Series MICR Toner

HP P2035/P2055 MICR Toner

HP LaserJet P3005, M3027, M3035 MICR Toner

HP LaserJet 4000, 4050 MICR Toner

HP P4014/P4015

HP LaserJet 5000, 5100 MICR Toner

HP LaserJet 9000, 9040, 9050 MICR Toner


IBM InfoPrint MICR Toner

Troy Brand MICR Toner Cartridge for IBM InfoPrint 32/40 Printers

Troy Brand MICR Toner Cartridge for IBM InfoPrint 20 Printers


Dell 5200N MICR Toner

Dell 5300N MICR Toner

Lexmark MICR Toner

Lexmark E320 / E322 MICR Toner

Lexmark Optra SE3455 T MICR High Yield MICR Toner

Lexmark 4039 / 4049 MICR Toner

Lexmark Optra T610 612 / 614

Lexmark T620 / T622 MICR Toner

Lexmark Optra T 630 T632 / T634

Lexmark T640 / T642 T644 MICR Toner

Lexmark T520 / T522 MICR Toner


Xerox Docuprint MICR Toner




Data Center Services at Abacus One

Identify & Remedy Critical Conditions

Data Center Health Check

Our assessment of current data center “health” establishes benchmarks for
capacity planning and growth considerations.

• Is your data center “healthy” enough to bring in new technology?
• Are you under-cooled, over-cooled, or just right?
• Do you have enough available power to handle growth plans?
• What is causing hot spots and how can they be cured?

A data center walkthrough and in-depth interviews with key IT and Facilities staff
allow us to provide a Scope of Work. The Scope of Work contains a detailed
diagnoses of existing conditions, as well as capacity planning details, facilities
utilization/health, security policies, monitoring, power, and cabling infrastructure.
We detail all aspects of the project, including, pricing, staffing, and project time
lines. Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) studies and/or detailed Asset Lists
can be incorporated into a Data Center Health Check.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Study

Proper analysis of data center air distribution is critical but can be difficult and
time consuming to perform. Our CFD study reduces the burden while providing
detailed thermal modeling information of the airflow and temperature patterns
that exist within your environment. Each CFD is modified and remodeled several
times to insure that the best possible recommendations are given. With a CFD
Study you see the value of recommendations prior to implementation.

Asset Discovery and Planning

In the ever-changing data center environment it is critical to know exactly what
equipment is being implemented and where. With a detailed Asset List you can
track and maintain all of your equipment in an organized and complete manner.
The asset list provides detailed information on each device such as power draw,
BTU output, serial number, date commissioned, and much more.

Design and Build

Let our expert personnel and design/build partners provide you with a data center
that will stand the test of time. With a combined 40 years experience in the data
center, our experts will design and construct the ideal data center to suit your
needs and keep you within budget. Based on your specific requirements, our
unique and effective process details the benefits of retrofitting, new build, or

Factory and On-Site Integration Services

Our cost-effective solutions manage the complexity of implementing new
technology while reducing operational costs. These services speed installation
and ensure rapid access and availability to mission critical applications. Our
professionally trained and certified integration team ensures your enclosures
and integral infrastructure technologies are properly installed and operating
efficiently. Factory Services include complete cabinet pre-installation of power,
cabling, monitoring, and access/control devices. On-Site Services include cabinet
installation, technology integration, connectivity, and training.

Click here for the complete Data Center Services Brochure or contact us today at for more information.