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MICR Toner

MICR Toner

For Use In HP P1005/P1006 MICR Toner

For Use In HP P1505/P1505N MICR Toner

For Use In HP LaserJet P2015 Series MICR Toner

For Use In HP P2035/P2055 MICR Toner

For Use In HP LaserJet P3005, M3027, M3035 MICR Toner

For Use In HP LaserJet 4000, 4050 MICR Toner

For Use In HP P4014/P4015

For Use In HP LaserJet 5000, 5100 MICR Toner

For Use In HP LaserJet 9000, 9040, 9050 MICR Toner


IBM InfoPrint MICR Toner

Troy Brand MICR Toner Cartridge for IBM InfoPrint 32/40 Printers

Troy Brand MICR Toner Cartridge for IBM InfoPrint 20 Printers


Dell 5200N MICR Toner

Dell 5300N MICR Toner

Lexmark MICR Toner

Lexmark E320 / E322 MICR Toner

Lexmark Optra SE3455 T MICR High Yield MICR Toner

Lexmark 4039 / 4049 MICR Toner

Lexmark Optra T610 612 / 614

Lexmark T620 / T622 MICR Toner

Lexmark Optra T 630 T632 / T634

Lexmark T640 / T642 T644 MICR Toner

Lexmark T520 / T522 MICR Toner


Xerox Docuprint MICR Toner




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We offer MICR toner, printer ribbons and data cartridges at Abacus One Computer Supplies, Inc., plus over 500,000 different products: ATM paper, back-up media, toner, copier toner, ink cartridges, Thermal & Bond pos papers, labels, developer, diskettes, optical disks, ribbons, etc. We represent 250 top manufacturers of copiers, printers, fax machines, laser printers, impact printers, UPS and surge protectors as well as micr toners, data cartridges, toner cartridges and ribbons.

Our prices are highly competitive and we love to give big discounts to volume customers. We are confident that once you try us, we will earn your long-term business. At Abacus One we pride ourselves on service and commitment, and strongly believe in building long lasting customer relationships. Abacus One is a coast-to-coast distributor of all your favorite computer hardware, supplies, and accessories, with distribution centers across the continental U.S.

To be able to print MICR checks you will need at least these things: a printer capable of printing MICR checks, blank check stock for MICR printing , one of our special MICR toner cartridges and MICR check printing software for the printer.


The acronym "MICR" stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. MICR is a process by which documents are printed using magnetic ink and special fonts to create machine readable information for quick document processing. The principal purpose of MICR toner is to print accounting and routing information on bank checks and other negotiable documents.


MICR toner has an iron oxide that contains the "bank line" information that a check needs to be read by electronic bank processing equipment. MICR toner is consistent with laser printer toner, but requires a 50% to 60% iron oxide additive content.


Yes, MICR toner is available at Abacus One. Our online store also provides other office printing and imaging products such as standard toner and ink cartridges from some of our partners like; IBM, Brother, Dell, Lexmark, Xerox and more. Keep Abacus One as your source for MICR toner supplies!

Use this Abacus One web site to get information on the best MICR check printing supplies and MICR toner printers available anywhere.

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RECYCLING has Never Been EASIER or FELT Better!

Abacus One Computer Supplies has always believed strongly in the environmental movement; reduce, reuse and recycle. But let’s face it; carting your toners, inkjet cartridges and cell phones off to a recycling center is generally inconvenient. That’s about to change, Abacus One is launching a recycling program that will make the recycling of your computer supplies and cell phones simple and easy.

It is estimated that every year 90% of the ink cartridges and toners used are simply thrown into the trash creating toxic soil conditions. More alarming is that every year the number of cartridges thrown away increases about 10%! Additionally, over 130 million cell phones end up in landfills annually releasing deadly arsenic, cadmium and lead into our environment.

By recycling your O.E.M. (original equipment manufacturer) cartridges and unwanted cell phones, you are not only doing your part to take care of our planet and our health, but as more computer products are recycled, the cost of producing them decreases. That’s right; you can save money while you’re saving the earth! Abacus One is taking this one step further. For every undamaged qualified O.E.M toner cartridge and inkjet cartridge and cell phone that we send back to our recycling partner, they give us a rebate. Abacus One is committed to sending those proceeds to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighters Fund. This organization helps firefighters who are disabled on the job as well as those wives and children who are faced with the sudden and terrible loss of a husband/dad who dies in the line of duty – serving his community.

Now, with the help of Abacus One, you can easily and conveniently dispose of your O.E. M. ink and toner cartridges at your office. This program is free to Abacus One Customers. Simply fill out the Recycling form and we will send you a recycling box along with a call tag and pre-paid return mailing label. When your box is full, simply close it up, apply the mailing label, call for a pick up and you can feel great knowing that you have done your part to protect the planet as well as help those who protect us all everyday!

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If you know someone looking for micr toner, data cartridges, toner cartridges and ribbons at competitive prices plus customer service and commitment, please recommend us!

We guarantee all our remanufactured laser micr toner to run equal to, if not better than, the original brands. All of our cartridges feature new components along with a high performance drum, which is how we offer you a superior product !

We offer you our first-class customer service along with a dedication to providing you with the best discounted prices available on quality printer supplies. This is why our customers keep coming back to us for their MICR toner supplies. Shop online or call us toll free at: 888.222.2871 for any of your printer supplies or parts or contact us via email at: